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Reiki as the oldest known form of energy transmission, also known as healing by hands, can help reconcile the balance of energies in the body and activate our own healing powers.


This gift is given to every human being but many people have lost this ability. They have to rebuild their own connection to the Reiki energy. 

The initiating of a Reiki teacher activates this ability. The initiations in the various Reiki grades are ceremonies in which the Reiki teacher performs a particular ritual with the aid of universal Reiki energy symbols at the initiation. 

Once the Reiki channels are opened through the initiations they remain open to the Reiki energy for a lifetime. 

As Reiki Master and Teacher we will be happy to assist you in your spiritual journey. You do not need any special abilities or knowledge, as this universal healing energy is available to every human being, at the latest after the initiation when chakras are opened.

You can be initiated into the following Reiki grades in individual appointments:


REIKI Grade I:

Through the 1st Reiki grade you get in touch with the vibration of the Reiki energy and experience the handling of these healing powers. 
For the 1st Reiki grade 4 initiations are necessary. After that you are able to give Reiki energy to yourself, other people, animals or plants. 

The initiation into the 1st Reiki grade takes about 3 hours and costs 300 € including seminar documents and a certificate.



After your body has become accustomed to the Reiki healing vibration and you have had first experiences with the treatment of humans, animals or plants as well as the energizing of e.g. food, you are ready for the three initiations in the 2nd Reiki grade. 

Here, you will get to know three Reiki symbols and be initiated on their energies. The Reiki energy that flows through you increases by a factor of 7 compared to the energy of the first Reiki grade. 
With the help of the symbols you are able to provide remote treatment at any distance, to create Reiki depots for a later period, to solve mental blockages and to create an energetic protection for humans, animals, places or objects. 

The initiation into the 2nd Reiki grade takes about 2.5 hours and costs 250 € including seminar documents and a certificate.


REIKI Master Grade:

If you are confident in dealing with the three Reiki symbols of the 2nd grade and a corresponding spiritual development that goes along with every Reiki initiation, we will gladly give you the initiation to the Reiki Master. 
Here you are initiated into the Master symbol which strengthens your Reiki energy. 

The initiation into the Reiki Master grade takes about 1.5 hours and costs 200 € including seminar documents and a certificate.


REIKI Teacher:

Are you a Reiki Master and would like to give these healing initiations to students? Then we would like to invite you to become a Reiki teacher. 

In one day you learn the rituals for initiation into the three Reiki grades according to the system of Mikao Usui. Afterwards you can also teach students in the 1st and 2nd Reiki degrees as well as the Master degree. 

The cost of this training to become a Reiki teacher is 500 € including detailed training documents, so that you can read the individual initiation rituals at any time. 

It is necessary for the Reiki teacher that you have the Reiki Master grade, even if you have not done it with us. Dates for the initiation into the individual Reiki grades or the training to become a Reiki teacher can be arranged individually.


Sandra Gijsbers

German Heilpraktiker, Reiki Master & Teacher