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Regression Therapy

Dive into another time, into another life and experience your life back then.


Who were you? How did you live? What did you do? Which persons from that time also play a role in your current life? Did you know your partner or your child before? How many times have you already lived? In which countries, at what epochs were you there?


But even more important, what situations of the past are still blocking your private, health, professional or financial happiness?


Often the causes of today's problems and diseases are in a previous life or in the childhood. With the help of a regression you can experience the situation of the time and heal the trauma, so that it can go on well for you.


Within the framework of the regression you also have the possibility to resolve karmic entanglements with other persons, in order to no longer have to cope with old conflicts in the here and now. In this way a harmonious cooperation is possible, whether with partners, parents, children, friends or colleagues.


In regressions I work with non-hypnotic methods where you are fully aware of what you experience, tell and dissolve throughout the regression. So you can always decide how far you want to go. Afterwards you can exactly remember everything.


If you wish you can also record your regression using a voice recorder or your mobile phone.

A regression usually takes about 2 hours depending on the topic. 


Sandra Gijsbers

German Heilpraktiker