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Aura Surgery

With the firstly weird-sounding method of Aura Surgery we supplement our existing treatment methods as German Heilpraktiker (healing practitioners). Thanks to the advances in quantum physics, astonishing and bewildering effects can be explained, making them easier to understand and accept. And thanks to YouTube everybody has access to this special information.

The treatment method of Aura Surgery, as introduced by Gerhard Klügl and our instructor Rudolf Kern from Switzerland, supports our energetic healing work in several ways.


On the one hand we can directly influence the organs, joints, body fluids, etc. in case of inflammations, pain, deposits, growths and other ailments. We can support the body in the healing process by the targeted setting of healing impulses. It is not necessary to touch the body so no pain or scarring occurs as in the case of proper physical operations.


On the other hand some parts of the body are more susceptible to diseases because the aura still contains the information of an injury from earlier times. If, therefore, operations or interventions have been carried out which have not optimally healed, this information is still stored in the energy field of the body and should be erased for better regeneration, similar to malfunctions on the hard disk of a computer.

This is particularly impressive in the case of phantom pain, because here the patients still have severe pain, despite the amputated limbs, since the injury information is still present in the aura.


Even with less dramatic interventions, persistent complaints can be attributed to such memories in the body's energy field. The operation may have been successful and according to the doctor's well, but no improvement occurs because the disease information is still stored in the aura.

This information can also partly be from earlier incarnations, e.g. by violent or painful causes of death. If the body has been pierced by a spear or hit a bullet, this information can still be stored and the body position can thereby be weakened.


But even without injuries or operations many people feel pain or pressure at different parts of the body that no doctor can explain. In such cases the symptoms are often pushed to the psyche because the doctor does not yet have the appropriate devices to measure and understand the patient's statements.

A possible cause of such unexplained complaints can also be found in earlier incarnations, whether due to vows, oaths, banishes, curses or other energetic phenomenon.


If, for example, a chastity vow from earlier incarnations which has impacted the topic of sexuality as dirty and sinful, it is possible that the person still can not enjoy sexuality or intimacy or experience it painlessly.

Behaviour also finds its origin here. An old dulcimer rarely contributes to the fact that someone likes to talk about himself and his feelings or problems.

We are happy to help you remove this old information from your system.


Sandra and Cris Gijsbers

German Heilpraktiker