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Sancri Healing



Would you like to change your life?

Basically you are satisfied but would you like to optimize some things that burden you.

You have a lot on the soul and sometimes you do not know how you can correct some retracted sequences.

Would you change something if you can?


In our Sancri Healing Seminar you learn how to find your own strengths and abilities and use them when you need them. You learn to heal yourself and if you want, also to help others to heal. 

We train and sensitize your ability to experience your own energy in any form and to let it flow freely again, both in your life, in your own body, as well as in others who need your help.


During the seminar each participant is energetically straightend with Energetich Spine Adjustment and during the daily work with and through you, you have the possibility to dissolve your recognized and unrecognized trauma. This creates a free positive energy flow that brings ease, greater satisfaction and healing to your life on multiple levels.


You have the opportunity to participate at Level 1 and if you want to experience and expand your healing skills afterwards at Level 2:

Sancri Healing Level 1:

This seminar is for all those who want a better intuition and connection to themselves and want to feel their soul in all everyday situations. We would like to help you in Level 1 to recognize and transform your fears, trauma and blockages so that you can go your own way freely.


Sancri Healing Level 2:

Level 2 is for those who do not only want to heal themselves but also want to work on their own level of consciousness and their own existing energy for others. Cris will dedicate you energetically to Energetic Spine Adjustment in this seminar so that you can adjust others energetically. We show you how you can heal energetically and how a possible treatment process looks like. We help you not only to heal yourself but also to help others to heal.


We recommend to all those who are interested in their own healing as well as in the healing of family, friends and other humans and animals to participate at Sancri Healing Seminar Level 1 & 2.  More information and dates on www.sancrihealing.com .


Sandra & Cris Gijsbers

German Heilpraktiker