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Energetic Healer

"To be healed & be a healer" 

Become an Energetic Healer through this training of the body, mind and soul by working on your own themes. 
Then you can support other people on their way through your knowledge and experience.

This training is suitable for all those who prefer a well-structured approach or have so far had little experience in the field of energetic healing or are looking for a way to apply their individual knowledge within the framework of a security-giving structure.



  • Basic knowledge of energetic healing
  • Healing Methods & Oscillators
  • Grounding, Cleaning & Protection
  • Dissolving blocking feelings
  • Reprogram the believe system
  • Dissolution of karma
  • Transforming vows, promises and other binding energies
  • Healing of souls contracts & connections
  • Recovery of lost soul parts
  • Healing of traumatic experiences
  • Compensation of aura, meridians & chakras
  • Disconnecting energetic fields, e.g. poverty or addiction


More information on www.sancrihealing.com .






No special requirements. It is recommended to use a test method such as muscle test, pendulum or tensor. 
If you do not yet have a test method, you have the opportunity to learn this in the course of the training.

For a personal discussion whether this training is helpful and useful for you please contact me by phone or email if you wish. 

Sandra Gijsbers

German Heilpraktiker