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Sancri Healing offers several healing methods. From this offer, there are a number of methods you can learn from us.


Several trainings and seminars give you the opportunity to help yourself, to heal and at the same time to train your consciousness in a different, positive direction.

This results in greater insight in many ways, which mostly contributes to healing, but above all leads to more happiness and contentment.

In addition, you are able to work with it to help others.


At www.sancrihealing.com you find more detailed information about the online offers and our trainings.


In order to get an impression of how the trainings differ we here have an overview for you:


This training is for everyone who is ready to face his main blockade in life. If you want to dissolve your biggest obstacle to happiness and health in order to bring you and your body to a more loving, higher vibration then you are in Level 1 just right.

If you want to be able to do healing work with others in your higher vibration, you are after Level 1 welcome in Level 2 to learn the Energetic Spine Adjustment and a way of energetic healing with hands.

By transforming your own pages of shadows during this week, you will be able to do much more effective healing work, since you are swinging at a higher frequency, no matter what method you are working on.


If you want to bring your life into order in all core areas of life and to connect with your roots (the ancestors), the method of systemic family constellations is optimal for you and your family system. You learn a lot about the background and what you should do and avoid in the future in order to live in love and harmony.

On the basis of this broad knowledge and a lot of practice during the training you can do constellations for friends and acquaintances or apply the method in the context of a self-employed activity for clients.


Here you learn a well structured system to heal over the various levels of the aura. For each aura level you learn effective treatment methods so that you can acquire and practice a great knowledge in a short time even without prior knowledge. This training is suitable for those who do not yet have any healing skills or who have already made training but are still unsure when to apply them. All methods of healing that you already know or learn in the future can be integrated into this clear structure so that you can go through a fixed pattern for a treatment even if you are still insecure.

In this training you also have the possibility to have your own topics treated during the training week by the practice of the learned methods in order to be healed bit by bit.


If you would like to learn more about the healing method of China and learn how to apply it yourself, then you are welcome to adapt it to four weekends. The acupuncture seminars take place in Krefeld in the Heilpraktikerschule Villa Salutis in Germany where you will also find the dates and prices.


In order to train your intuition and learn how to retrieve information from morphic fields for you and others, you can learn the Akasha Chronic Reading at a weekend. This can serve as a decision aid for you or others but also to understand the learning tasks in life more quickly. This can also make your healing activities even more effective as it trains your intuition.


We hope there is something interesting for you. If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us.


Sandra and Cris Gijsbers

German Heilpraktiker