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This is what others say about our treatments and trainings:




I sought out Sandra several years ago when I was in big despair with my horse. Since then, Sandra has helped me in the most magnificient way to transform my life. After a systemic constellation, it became clear what the problem, and also the function of the horse in the system was. Once we cleared that, it brought a huge relief not only for me but everyone involved. 

Sandra was also able to help me see clear in relationship issues, and often times when we hang up on Skype, I feel completely re-wired and like I found by north star again. Often, remarkable synchronicities take place then, that I can hardly believe are happening myself.

While I see some friends and family members wallow in psychotherapy for years without much progress, I feel like every time I meet with Sandra, we have a break through. 

She is intuitive, sensitive, discreet, and immensely wise. I sincerely hope Sandra will be continuing to be available to me and everyone else who wants to untangle energetic challenges. She's a big resource in my life, and I am so grateful I was guided to her. 

Regina F.



it goes deep, in an easy way.
if you want to shed light on your path, on you, you can definately let yourself fall into the arms of Sandra and Chris.
they lead you joyful to Yourself.
Gabriele Z.