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Portrait Sandra Scherb
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Sandra Gijsbers


Born on 22.07.1974 in Neumarkt, Germany


My most important training stations:

  • Aura Surgery
  • Pure Bio Energy Healing
  • Avicenna Therapy
  • MFL (Morphic Field Reading)
  • Christallin Source Healing
  • Regression Therapy
  • German Heilpraktiker
  • Ear Acupuncture
  • Matrix Healing
  • Systemic Family Constellations according to Bert Hellinger / Systemic Psycho Therapy for more generations
  • Shamanic Psycho-Kinesiology
  • Reiki to the Master / Teacher Award
  • Graduate in business administration


In the individual sessions I work with Energetic Healing Methods, Systemic Family Constellations and Aura-Surgery. Depending on what concerns you have, we can also do a reading in the Akasha Chronic or a Regression Therapy.


Over the years it has become increasingly apparent that with the help of ground anchors I can quickly spot and "see" the core of the problem within the framework of a Systemic Constellation.

In the case of persistent issues and conflicts there are often causes in earlier life and incarnations. Whether a karmic balance between the culprit and the victim occurs, an old obligation such as an oath or vow prevents a change, or souls connections must be cured. To bring these ancient, karmic themes also into healing a change in the here and now usually is unavoidable.


Appointments are either possible in the practice in 47803 Krefeld, Germany or in the practice in 5591 Heeze, Netherlands. As I work energetically it is also possible to do treatments by telephone, via Skype or Facetime.


Sandra Gijsbers

German Heilpraktiker