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Portrait Sandra Scherb
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About us

As German Heilpraktiker we mainly work with energetic healing methods. Due to our various trainings and educations we have developed our own way of treatment, which also varies over time.


The focus of various energetic healing methods such as Reiki or Pure Bio Energy, Energetic Spine Straightening and Spiritual Spine Adjustment, Acupuncture including Ear-Acupuncture, Chiropractic, Psycho-Kinesiology, Systemic Family Constellations, Regression Therapy, Aura-Surgery and Akasha Chronic Reading form the basis. Depending on what concerns you bring with you we choose and combine these methods as effectively as possible in order to achieve quickly tangible results for you.


In addition we offer various trainings and further education such as our core Sancri Healing but also Akasha Chronic Reading, Energetic Healer and Systemic Family Constellation. You will also find these seminars and trainings in the CALENDAR as well as under TRAINING.

If you would like to organize a seminar in your region please contact us, we will gladly come to you if enough participants come.


Sandra and Cris Gijsbers

German Heilpraktiker